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Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Search Site. History doctoral student Chris Mitchell discusses astrology's place in medicine in medieval times. Share this page:. Doctors often carried around special almanacs or calendars containing star charts, allowing them to check the positions of the stars before making a diagnosis. Many of these almanacs included pictures which helped to explain complicated ideas to patients.

The picture above shows a 'zodiac man' from one of these almanacs.

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The almanac dates back to The diagram was intended to explain how the astrological formations or star signs rule over each part of the body. The man's pointing finger serves as a warning against the powerful forces of the stars. Ancient studies of astrology were translated from Arabic to Latin in the 12 th and 13 th centuries and soon became a part of everyday medical practice in Europe. Earl of Suffolk William Montacute, E.

Earl of Pembroke John Hastings, 2. Warwick John Montacute, 3.

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Earl of March Roger Mortimer, 4. Duke of Kent Michael de la Pole, E. Suffolk Hugh de Stafford, 2. Nottingham John Mowbray, 2.

Astrology In Medieval Europe

Duke of Norfolk Thomas Fitzalan, 5. Salisbury Richard Beauchamp, E. Earl Rivers Anthony Woodville, 2. Duke Somerset Edmund Beaufort, 2. Duke Somerset Henry Beaufort, 3.

Medieval Astrology

Duke of Somerset Edmund Beaufort, 4. Duke of Norfolk John Mowbray, 4.

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  4. Northumberland Henry Percy, 3. Northumberland Henry Percy, 4. Baron Clifford John de Clifford, 9. Shrewsbury John Talbot, 3.