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Travel for the sake of travel or travel to discover the undiscovered, immerse yourself in new cultures, and experiment with cuisine you never have before? The world is your oyster, Taurus, and literally so. This is the time to unleash your adrenaline junkie and plan your next big adventure. You want to leave room to take things as they come.

You could find yourself vibing with your dad, a father figure or a male mentor today—somebody who only has wisdom and kindness to share. See how you can apply his words to overcome your current set of challenges. Be cautious of who and what you let into your space. You may not find yourself surrounded by well-wishers today. Some of you may face major disappointments, especially on the career front. You deserve due credit for the work you have put in.

Speak up. Let this be a learning lesson for you, Cancer. Your revelation today: perfection is not an illusion.


Your attention to detail would put a goldsmith to shame. Continue to hustle hard no matter where you are in your journey, and how many accolades you have accumulated. The willingness to innovate constantly will open the door to greatness. On the menu today: lies, deception and drama.

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Given that the pain is caused by somebody you trusted, the aftershock could be much worse. Resist the urge to hurt because you have been hurt, Virgo. Take the high road. It is especially important to understand what these experiences are trying to teach you. From now on, be mindful of who and what you let into your sacred space.

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On the agenda today: accessing higher realms of consciousness, connecting with your spirit guides, and opening your third eye. For some, this may also be a time of connecting with fellow lightworkers and witches.

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  • Trust yourself to share the knowledge you have gathered over the years. You can expect to turn a corner and for life to start to lighten up — at long last! Power date: August 27 — the day your life will slowly start to change and get easier Beauty tip: How do you feel about a bit of body make up? Talk to experts, people with good ideas about your next best move, and make it a priority to pay off as many debts and loans as you can. Also look for new ways to spin cash. Power date: August 14 — a great night for romance or socialising with friends Beauty tip: With Venus in your 7th House of Love, there is a good chance that many a Capricorn is going to be feeling rather loved up this month.

    There could be kissing.

    Know your trends:

    Do you feel it? The thing is, August brings two eclipses; one in your sign and one in your Love Zone. The eclipse in your sign is a Full Moon lunar eclipse. So it marks the time for you to turn the corner on something this month. Some of you Water Bearers have been through a tough time lately. This eclipse on August 7 will help you to move on.

    The August 21 solar eclipse in your Love Zone means you can start all over again with someone you love — what an opportunity!

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    Power date: August 21 — you should feel extra energised today Beauty tip: This is the month to get thee to the gym. PISCES More than likely, a lot of your attention recently has been on your daily life and how to manage to do all that you need to do. There is a feeling that some of you Pisceans are feeling rather flabbergasted by all the duties and responsibilities being heaped on you.

    Pressure upon pressure is being brought to bear!

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    Balance doing all you have to with time spent withdrawing from the world and so that you can regroup. Beauty tip: As arduous as all that might sound, actually you also have some respite, thanks to beauty planet Venus who will spend most of August in your 5th House of Fun. This is actually great news because it promises you good times and even romance — and that will be great for your complexion.

    After all, you are the first sign of the zodiac. This month, though, no stick, In fact you actually need to be a tad more self-centred right now, according to your horoscope. Perhaps your own needs are not being met? Have some more fun. Do more of what you love. Home-made face mask, anyone? If you want to move house, you have the most super supportive stars you could hope for. The lunar energies now are re-doubling your chances of sorting out any domestic dilemmas. For the past couple of years, you have been up undoubtedly against it.

    Saturn has been weighing down heavily on you — it might have been hard to stay mentally positive. See the big picture.

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    Focus on solutions, not problems. Power date: August 9 — a very good day to have an important conversation Beauty tip: With beauty planet Venus in your Cash Zone this month, you have every astrological excuse in the world to spend up big on beauty. Moreover, you deserve it! Or blessed. There are two big eclipses this month and they are straddling your two Money Zones.

    Developments related to money seem almost inevitable at this point.