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Capricorns are cardinal signs — head strong and not used to taking no for an answer — once the homework is done they pitch a dating proposition like a job interview with a bit of saucy flirting and sharp business cards thrown in for good measure.

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The only difficulty is finding a window of opportunity in their diaries — sometimes weeks go by before the first official date. Being earth signs , they are a grounded couple who believe in family and exclusivity — expect a couple or fur babies to act as trial children, a shared town house and 6am gym sessions.

Champion outsourcers, they get dinners delivered and use Gumtree for dog walkers and rubbish clearance — all in an effort to prioritize the relationship. Friends and family are in awe their maturity and composure — they always appear perfectly polished and in control of their destiny.

Capricorn and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

This couple keep cards close to their chests and have a small intimate group of friends — mostly other couples — with which to share their dreams and the odd unguarded confidence. The problem is, they are just too similar at times! All that control and tireless working towards goals prevents living in the present and sometimes graduated estrangement occurs. Alternatively, an outrageous outsider like Rockstar Libra or Zen-diving Pisces comes along to throw a relationship grenade into the works. They get steamy through physical activities — squash, swimming and jogging — all that sweat and showing off of buffed and bodacious bodies often fast tracks them to make-out central!

Occasionally all this activity creates extra scheduling clashes, but, when both are committed to making the relationship work creative solutions are always found. This can lead to a vanilla sex life with both feeling something is missing. To avoid separate bedrooms and increasing disinterest Capricorn needs to invest in visuals, toys and the odd spontaneous romp in a dark alley. Use it or lose it is our advice!

Marriageability is rated highly for this family-loving couple. It is a Feminine, Cardinal, negative, Earth Sign.

The planetary symbol for this sign is the Mountain goat. Saturn, the Task Master of the zodiac is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. People born between December 21 and January 19 possess a steely determination to succeed. Discipline, patience, perseverance and responsibility are deeply embedded in their personalities.

They write their goals early on in their lives and will push themselves in order to fulfill their dreams. On the flipside, pessimism can get to them when things do not turn out the way they plan.

Capricorn and Capricorn: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Being an Earth sign, Mountain Goats do not take shortcuts to achieve their goals and prefer to spend long hours at work until they complete their tasks. Because of this, most Capricorns find it difficult to balance personal life and career. By choice, love is temporarily shelved and work takes front row while duty to family takes second.

Goats highly value tradition and family. Their devotion to family is impressive. One of the reasons why they want to do well at work is they want to provide the best for their parents and siblings. Capricorns know precisely how they want their love life to turn out and do not really mind waiting for the right one to come along. They seek hardworking and ambitious partners who also value family traditions.

Goats match well with people who are looking for long term relationships. Those born under this sign are very reliable and faithful partners who are determined to make their relationships work and last. The idea of moving from one relationship to the next is not their cup of tea.

Capricorn compatibility

They match well with optimistic, traditional, romantic and loyal people. Although Capricorns are not very expressive with their feelings, their partners can count on them thru thick and thin. Will two Capricorns ever have time for love? Find out what is in store for two workaholics. Capricorn woman is goal oriented even in love.

She paints this picture of the man and relationship that she wants to be a part of. Her cool demeanor can be off putting at times and her one track pursuit of success can be intimidating. First, she feels being in a relationship is serious business and not one to take lightly.

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If possible, Ms. Goat wants her first relationship to be the last, so she just wants to be certain that a man can be trusted. This lady is willing to wait for Mr Right to come along. It is also known that public display of affection is not her thing because this classy lady believes that there is a proper time and place for that.

Dating Compatibility

She gets attracted to successful men who values tradition. She can be stubborn with her methods, so she needs a man who can help her see things from a different perspective. An adventurous man is also a good candidate for this lady who tends to overwork herself. Capricorn man is an old soul and shows maturity even at a young age.

When he is ready to get involved, he seeks a long term relationship; the kind that will lead to the altar. He is on the lookout for a woman who can be a good wife and mother to his children. This man is not the type to go for flings and he prefers good character and intelligence over looks.